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Germania The Warriors “ARIOWIT” High Relief 2Oz

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Great gift and wonderful addition for your collection! Ready for shipping! Brand new, freshly minted with a Presentation Case and in a Capsule - do not hesitate!


Country: Germania
Year: 2019
Face Value: 10 Mark
Metal: Silver
Fineness: 999.9
Weight: 2 Oz (62.20g)
Diameter: 45.00 mm
Mintage: 499 pcs
Finish: Antique Finish, Selective Gold Plating, Numbering
Certificate: Yes
Package: Capsule, Beautybox, Wooden box
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This is the second coin in an incredible series of "Warriors." It is called ARIOWIT after the legendary warrior and leader, widely known in Germany. This chief was from a brave tribe of conquerors. Legends say that his tribe conquered lands from northern Europe to Hindustan. It is noted that Ariovit was able to force Julius Caesar to marry his sister and make peace with him.

The appearance of this warrior alone terrified his enemies. The powerful and muscular body of the warrior was not his only advantage. Incredible intelligence also played against opponents in battle. 

The tribe led by Ariovit attacked mostly at night. Warriors painted black for combat than they were even more terrifying when attacked. Ariovit was able to make his warriors almost invincible, thanks to strength training, exceptional fighting skills, and incredible strength of mind.

In a series of coins with German warriors, you can see echoing landscapes. On the coin with Ariovit, the background looks like that of the Berserk coin. Looking at these two coins at the same time, you will realize that they are different angles of the same area. The style of the collection is preserved on the Ariovit coin, and there are a lot of thematic details. For example, you can find Celtic drawings with images of wolves on the sword handles.

It may be noted that this coin is even more masterpiece than the previous version of "Berserk. All thanks to the high relief and skill of Germania Mint. You can buy silver coins from this series on our website U&A Collectible Coins.


Obverse: Presents the image Ariowit Reverse: Displays the effigy of Germania Mint

We are pleased to present to you the second coin from “The Warriors” series: Ariowit – the legendary Germanian warrior and leader. He came from a brave tribe whose conquests stretched from the former Gaul to the far reaches of the Indian Peninsula. With unprecedented bravery and determination, he forced Julius Caesar to make peace and give away his sister.

With Ariowit’s strength and powerfully built body, he aroused fear long before the battle began. During the clashes, he gave vent to his innate wild nature, but also to an incredible intelligence. Attacking under cover of night, with his black painted equipment and body, together with his companions he spread terror among enemies through strength, combat skills and a truly hellish appearance.

Curiosities about the coin: In the coin design, the village behind Ariowit refers to the background from Berserk – the first “Warrior” coin, shown from a different perspective and creating a coherent whole for the series. As with Berserk, elements related to the main warrior were hidden on the coin. In Ariowit’s case, the skilled eye of the collector will notice Celtic drawings of wolves hidden on the handles of the sword. Striving for perfection on the second coin from the series, we managed to achieve an even higher relief, while maintaining the unusual precision and detail of the design.

Great gift and wonderful addition for your collection! Ready for shipping! Brand new, freshly minted with a Presentation Case and in a Capsule - do not hesitate!


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