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Collectible Mexican Value Silver Coins

Our online store has a lot of unique series of Mexican Libertad coins, which are very popular for collecting and investing. They are national value silver coins in Mexico, and every silver coin consists of fine .999 silver. The Bank of Mexico authorized the production of the Libertad in 1981. Investors and collectors loved the Libertad coins, so it has become prevalent in private collections.

Collectors highly appreciated its 

The Libertad is a national coin of Mexico comprised of .999 fine silver bullion. Production of the Libertad was authorized by a decree of the Bank of Mexico in 1981. In that time, it has become a popular silver coin among investors in North America and worldwide. It is beloved for many reasons:

  • Perfect artisanship;

  • The Libertad coins feature Victoria, the winged personification of victory. She is standing on a column between the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes.

  • The opposite side of the silver coin highlights Mexico's coat of arms surrounded by old versions of coats of arms.

  • National valuing silver coins.

Price of a 1oz Silver Coins

The Mexican Libertad 1oz silver coins surpassed their price of $22.71 on May 19, 2019. It was the second time since 2017 it had crossed that barrier, and its cost continued rising.

The silver Libertad is the most popular bullion-type coin of its type in Mexico and the most recommendable for investment due to its high level of purity. Moreover, it is easy to buy or sell it.

If you want to invest in precious metals, looking for the most famous silver in coins is important because they are the most in-demand. They also have the highest value and will fetch the best price in the future. There is nothing easier than selling an ounce of silver in coins.

The returns for a physical silver investor are already starting to show. For example, the average silver value for coins in 2020 was around $18.05 per 1 ounce, but in 2021 it sells for $27.36. And it's not even the highest price, just an average value. So, if someone bought an ounce of silver in coins 12 months ago and wanted to sell it, their return would be around a 51% gain.

Physical currencies, such as the Libertad Silver Coin, are medium to long-term investments because of the spreads between buying and selling the asset. Each financial institution has its spread to generate profits.

In the case of Banco Azteca, the spread is 50 Mexican pesos per coin. Whoever wants to acquire one 1 Oz silver coin would have to pay 479 pesos (21.89 dollars), while whoever wants to sell it would receive 429 pesos (19.60 dollars).

In some cases, when coins are sold at other banks, the difference can be 155 Mexican pesos. 

One of the excellent properties of the silver Libertad ounce is that it is unnecessary to have a large capital to acquire a coin. You can always buy some coins with a modest investment or invest in unique collectible coins that will be even more valuable in the future.