National Park

The National Park collection dedicates the beauty of United States nature reserves. It includes 10 coins which represents

Yellowstone, Sequoia, Yosemite, Mount Rainier, Crater Lake, Wind Cave, Mesa Verde, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, Haleakala

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The National Parks Silver Coins from US Mint

The USA is one of the countries with the highest density of national parks. They are home to the most beautiful and imposing natural wonders and provide a protected habitat for numerous animals in the wilderness.

In the United States, more than 50 national parks are counted, many of them are located in the country's southwest. The national parks are a popular destination for many tourists. So every year, several million visitors go to North America to marvel at the spectacular flora and fauna in the protected areas. With so many national parks, it is remarkable that each has its characteristic features and is thus known worldwide.

For those who have ever visited national parks, there is a collection of silver coins from US Mint with the most famous National Parks.

What are the Most Popular US Mint Silver Coins?

There are so many designs of the US Mint silver coins that you can buy and collect! Popular U.S. coin series include the American Silver Eagles (considered one of the most beautiful silver coins of all time), America the Beautiful Quarters, the Modern Silver, and Clad Commemoratives that honor historical anniversaries and events in the U.S., and the classic Silver Dollars.

American Silver Eagle Coins

The American Silver Eagle is the silver coin issued by the United States Mint. Some collectors say that it is the most beautiful modern silver coin in the world.

One look at the stunning details of the design shows why the American Silver Eagle coins are famous among coin collectors and bullion enthusiasts around the world:

  1. The obverse of the Silver Eagle features a beautiful classic design created by legendary designer Adolph Weinman for the Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

  2. The reverse was designed by the renowned John Mercanti, a former chief engraver for the United States Mint, and features a patriotic heraldic eagle carrying a shield. 

The United States government guarantees that each silver coin contains pure silver, so that's why the silver dollar is always popular with collectors.

Walking Liberty National Parks Coins

The National Parks coin design is based on the Walking Liberty coin, created by Adolph A. Weinman. He was a student of a famous artist and designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Obverse and Reverse Design

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar obverse features a Statue of Liberty draped in the American flag, striding across rocky terrain and extending her hand toward a new day. She carries oak and laurel branches, symbolizing strength and prosperity respectively, and is surrounded by the inscriptions Liberty and the national motto In God We Trust.

The coin's reverse shows the American bald eagle perched on a rocky outcrop spring, and a mountain pine, symbolizing America's rugged roots. The inscriptions on this side are Half Dollar, United States of America, and E Pluribus Unum with the initials of Adolph Weinman, AAW, the designer of the Walking Liberty, just below the eagle's right-wing.