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The Meaning of Oak Leaves Silver Coins

Imagine a park with golden oak leaves everywhere. Imagine a sunny autumn day. You take a walk in the park and enjoy the stunning colors of the leaves. So many people are attracted to the giant oaks because these trees, despite their mightiness, exude a certain calm. For sure, you have already noticed the oak leaves, which look so different from all the leaves of other trees.

Did you know that oaks can live from 600 to 8500 years? No wonder it has become the symbol of eternity. But, of course, there are other meanings for the oak tree and its acorns and the oak leaves.

Such a proud-looking tree offers a lot that gives us protection and strength on the way. Today we would like to deal mainly with the oak leaves because this has taken an important place in German value silver coins.

The Oak as a Symbol

Even in ancient times, the oak tree was considered very symbolic. This is a large, strong tree with hard wood. It represents masculinity, strength, and power.

The Meaning in Germany

In Germany, the oak tree and oak leaves have a very long tradition. They, or rather their meanings, are deeply rooted, and it is impossible to imagine life without them. First, among the Germanic tribes, oak leaves were a sign of immortality and steadfastness. Later it was also attributed to the meaning of loyalty.

Oak Leaves in the German Empire

When the German Empire was founded in 1871, the oak leaf got its National Socialist background. Thus, it also came to the fact that it was on honorary marks, wreaths, and medals or value silver coins. As a sign of "national unity," people wanted to show it wherever they thought it was appropriate.

Oak Leaves in the U.S.A.

The oak leaf is valued as a symbol not only in Germany. Also, in the United States of America, the armed forces wear it on orders and decorations. Depending on the color, you can see what rank the wearer. The badges or honors are awarded in bronze, silver, or gold.

Valuing Silver Coins With Oak Leaf


A traditional German symbol with deep meaning has long been used to design the German Mint's silver coins. The official value silver coins are made of precious silver or pure gold. In the UC-Coins online store, you will find beautiful silver coins with oak leaves and unique designs.

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The Oak Leaf Silver Coins are one of the most famous German mint silver coins among collectors. If you already own a regular value silver coin, take a closer look at the new "12 Months" collection. Each coin in this series has a unique mood that corresponds to each month of the year. The coins vary in color and pattern. Remember to check out the other German coins on our site:

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