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Germania 2020 Fafnir Silver Coin 1 Oz: Sets with Crystals

The Fafnir silver coin 1 Oz is a special collectible coin with a unique design. It is so unusual because two separate images of the obverse and reverse form one integral image. The coin is distinguished by its excellent design, unique, iridescent color, and exceptionally high relief. The silver coin 1 Oz comes from Germania Mint, which in its new series refers to the most ancient legends and stories from the area of today's Germany and its surroundings.

Design of the Silver 1 Oz Coins

The impressive appearance of the Fafnir dragon has been achieved by using a double-high relief. The height of protruding elements is 4mm on the obverse and 2mm on the reverse. In addition, the highly convex image of the dragon was covered with a special coating, which makes its skin shimmer in different colors, depending on the angle of the incident light.

On our website, you will find six different designs of these silver 1 oz coins:

  1. Bloody Dragons

  2. Red And Green

  3. Blue And Pink Crystals

  4. Terracotta And Ruthenium

  5. Ice And Fire 

  6. Turquoise and crimson Crystals

The coin weighs 1 ounce and is made of fine silver, but two coins are included in the set. Moreover, the coin has a unique structure, in which the motif of the obverse is continued on the reverse. Thus, the front features a head with a dragon's body, while the reverse features a tail.

Obverse Design

In the field with the dragon's snout and front part of its body is the inscription FAFNIR 1 OZ AG 999.9. The open maw shows sharp fangs and a long elongated tongue. The exquisitely shaped, serpentine, and scaly-covered body is equipped with short paws with sharp claws. The colorful dragon "swirls" against a gray, rugged background.

Reverse Design

A coiled dragon tail has been integrated into the reverse field. In the center, there is a two-headed eagle from the coat of arms of Germany. On the tail is the inscription GERMANIA 2020.

Where to Buy Silver Coins from the Fafnir Collection

When creating extraordinary designs of the highest quality coins, providing them with safe and elegant packaging is equally important. Each coin is packed in a dedicated, individually designed capsule and made of the highest quality material in the shape of a lens, making the coin look even more magnificent. All coins on the UC Coins website are certified. Each set contains all the necessary information and guarantees the coin's value. 

If you are looking for where to buy silver coins with a dragon, you can buy one of them or even collect them all on our uc-coin website. Just add your favorite design to the cart and place your order. And if you have any difficulties or questions about the product you can always contact us.

The 1 Oz Fafnir coin is a treat for any lover of ancient legends and myths. It is also an exceptionally original specimen, which will satisfy every collector of unusual coins. The coin may also serve as a capital investment, being at the same time a remarkable and even highly artistic specimen of minting art.